About Me

I fell in love with belly dance when a friend dragged me along to a class in college. After shimmying, circling, and twisting for an hour to fun, fascinating music, I was hooked. I love exercising my body and brain to express joy through dance. The variety in belly dance is endless – music, styles, props, costumes … it’s impossible to be bored.

I am part of the grassroots belly dance scene in Northern Ireland. I teach beginner a beginner belly dance course in South Belfast with the Stranmillis College Lifelong Learning programme. I enjoy performing for local belly dance events, organising informal performance opportunities, and attending local and international workshops when I can.

As a teacher, I specialise in helping learners to understand how movement and music fit together to interpret Middle Eastern music through belly dance. I have Level 3 qualifications in Education and Training (City and Guilds), Understanding Belly Dance Music (JWAAD Training), and Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes (JWAAD Training), plus the Preparation for the Healthy Dance Certificate (Safe in Dance International). I am a member of People Dancing (the foundation for community dance).

Some of my favourite events that I’ve previously attended are the Jewel of Yorkshire Festival (Saltaire, UK), the JWAAD Summer School (Berkshire, UK), JWAAD accredited belly dance training courses (UK and online), live band workshops with The Arab Quarter (London, UK), Alia Thabit’s Creating Dance Art course (online), and The Belly Dance Bundle (online).

Looking for local belly dance classes in Belfast, Northern Ireland? In addition to my class, try Belly Dance Academy Belfast in South Belfast, Sangam Arts in East Belfast, or Belly Dance Tyrone in Dungannon.