The Origins of Belly Dance: A Review of ‘Egyptian Belly Dance in Transition’ by Heather Ward

In this post I review Egyptian Belly Dance in Transition: The Raqs Sharqi Revolution, 1890-1930 by Heather Ward. I recommend it to any belly dance enthusiast who is interested in learning about the roots of belly dance. This post will give you an overview of how belly dance came to be 'belly dance'. I hope it will whet your appetite for reading the full book!

How to Practice Dance: A Review of ‘Effortless Mastery’ by Kenny Werner

Effortless Mastery is a book written by Kenny Werner, an American jazz pianist and educator. It's about overcoming dysfunctional fear-based practising and playing to achieve effortless mastery. So what can a book about music teach us about dance? In this blog post, you will learn practical strategies from Warner's book to build your personal dance practice. You can apply this to start your journey towards 'effortless mastery' in dance.

Belly Dance Teacher Training: Review of the ‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’ Course

Have you ever thought about belly dance teacher training? In this review, I share my experience of the 'Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes course which helped me take my first steps towards teaching belly dance. I hope that by sharing my experience, it might inspire you to consider your first steps into dance teaching!