Who Is Umm Kulthum and Why Is She Important for Belly Dance?

Have you heard of Umm Kulthum (Oum Kalthoum) before? She was a very famous Egyptian singer active between the 1920s to 1970s. She is remembered for her extraordinary voice and unique musical style. But what does she have to do with belly dance? You'll find out in this article. Spoiler: lots of the most well known belly dance tunes were originally sung by Umm Kulthum!

A Guide to Musical Instruments in Middle Eastern Belly Dance Music

What instruments are commonly used in belly dance music? There are lots of them! In this post, I give common Middle Eastern examples of each of the three types of instruments (winds, strings, and percussion). Plus a sample video clip so you can hear what it sounds like and see how it's played. I hope this will help you better hear the instruments as you dance. And that you can use this to deepen your belly dance music interpretation.

Belly Dance Teacher Training: Review of the ‘Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes’ Course

Have you ever thought about belly dance teacher training? In this review, I share my experience of the 'Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes course which helped me take my first steps towards teaching belly dance. I hope that by sharing my experience, it might inspire you to consider your first steps into dance teaching!